November 1, 2016

Georgia Engagement Session: John & Emilia

Georgia Engagement Session

A Georgia engagement session on a hot summer afternoon as the sun would begin to set in a few hours. Emilia’s mother was making lemonade while Emilia got herself ready. John was relaxing on the porch talking while sharing dreams about the future after the two got married. At this point, time seemed to slow down to an almost halt as we settled into comfortable old rocking chairs and listened to stories from Emilia’s grandmother, Marie.

Maria was excited above all about the young couple’s wedding. John and Emilia were so happy Marie was able to share this time with them. Marie had been in and out of the hospital several months prior. As a result, John and Emilia were prepared to move up the wedding if need be but luckily they did not have to as Marie was doing better since she had returned to the family estate.

While we listened to the stories, the family estate seemed to come alive with all the shared memories of parties and engagements past. Marie consequently spoke of her very own wedding that she had on the same lawn Emilia now was running across barefoot after getting ready.

Marie told me that she had been dreaming of this day for many years and as a result began to tear up. I had asked why she was crying. She said that seeing the two of them together made her remember what it was like to be in love and to be loved and at the moment I could see how special this family really was and how amazing it was to hear these stories of the past wondering what as a result the future will bring for John and Emilia as they get ready to begin a new family chapter.



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