November 15, 2016

Sunset Portrait Session with Lisa at the Grand Canyon

Sunset Portrait Session at the Grand Canyon

Getting to travel to the Grand Canyon was always a dream for Lisa who wanted to experience one of our world’s natural wonders. Unsure what she would experience without hesitation, she scheduled her visit and sunset portrait session.

It was a bit of a hike to get out on some of the better trails. We wanted to gain access to the edge of the southern basin. At that moment, the sun was bright, and a cool breeze kept temperatures manageable.

Like my other shoot a few days prior we ran into MORE ELK. I was glad to have still fresh in my head my new found knowledge of Elk. You can read about how Elk invaded my last portrait shoot here: 8 Things About Elk That You Did Not Know so, as a matter of fact, I was happy to share. We found a great spot for our sunset portrait session and set up. As expected we had to wait for the Elk to move out again. Albeit this time I did not want any more photos of them this session.

The sun was setting, so with this in mind, we started getting our shots. It was fun to work with Lisa who was trying to take in the view and pose for the photos she wanted. It was ideal for me as well as I got some awesome BTS (Behind the Scenes Shots).  She took these as I did some of my set-ups so Thank You again!

Just as the sun was sinking into the canyon, we packed up and began to head back. At the same time, the air became cooler as the day began to turn into night. To point out: breathtaking.

We wrapped with a nice cup of coffee at the park cafe and discussed some holiday photos for her family. Furthermore, I am looking forward to future sessions with Lisa and her family this season.

Sunset Portrait Session
Grand Canyon Sunset Portrait SessionGrand Canyon Sunset Observation AreaGrand Canyon Sunset Portrait SessionGrand Canyon Sunset Portrait Session



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