December 6, 2016

Holiday Family Portrait Session

Holiday Family Portrait Session: Mother and Son

The air was crisp, and the sun was beginning to set earlier this time of year. The timing was perfect for the holiday family portrait session. Late fall with an expectation of snow on the forecast today. We gathered on a trail near the road to a beautiful clearing in the woods. The light was just about perfect providing some nice backlighting when we started. This day was the first time in awhile that mother and son had a holiday portrait session together.  Earlier in the year, I had the privilege of doing a Sunset Portrait Session with Lisa at the Grand Canyon.

When we started using the Christmas letters on the rope, for example, we had some amazing candid moments. Lisa and her son got into a tug of war. This game showed how much fun the two of them have together. These made for some great looking shots for their holiday cards and gifts they wanted to share with family this year. It is always essential in any session to capture as many candid moments as possible. These moments will help to preserve those memories and experiences for the future.

For some of our shots, we had a blanket, and that turned out to be a big help when the sun was setting, and we had the walk back to the path. During these walks, having a warm blanket with you is always an added bonus.

We also learned something vital regarding candy canes. If you don’t keep them wrapped up outside they can get very messy. Combined that with wool gloves and mittens and you end up with not only some great images but also a sticky minty wardrobe. Everything was good fun that day and the walk back was uneventful on some of the wooden trails. I found some other spots that I would like to revisit for a future shoot.

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