January 3, 2017

Most Popular Engagement Day

Most Popular Engagement Day is Christmas Eve.
However is that the day you would prefer?

This post is a look back at the winter holidays [Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Years Day] and if your engagement experience matched up with what the data is showing and if you got your proposal on the most popular engagement day?

First, let’s look at Christmas Eve and Christmas.

If you had your partner pop the question on Christmas Eve, you were not alone. Figures show that Christmas Eve is the most popular day to propose.

christmas eve proposal

Second, let’s look at Valentines Day

While you may assume that Valentine’s Day is the occasion when partners are more likely to get down on one knee.; Valentines Day is the fourth most popular day for getting engaged. This day would be after Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, according to Facebook.

The social media giant Facebook that has more than one billion members. Facebook had calculated their figures by analyzing 2.6 million users. Also included were how their relationships statuses changed before and after these winter holidays.

Christmas Eve meanwhile topped the list for the most popular engagement day to surprise a partner with a proposal.

However, many agree that Christmas Eve is one of the most romantic time to pop the question. Out of the women surveyed, 29 per cent had said they would prefer being asked on Valentine’s Day, The Evening Standard reported.

A further fifth of women from the study indicated they would prefer getting engaged on an anniversary. This anniversary would be the day they met their other half, according to The Huffington Post.

All the data in the world can’t predict how or when your proposal will come. If it did, how did it stack up to the statistics we learned about here? Tell us in the comments about your proposals that happened outside of these holidays. If you think your partner may propose soon, Valentines Day is right around the corner.



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